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Woohoo :)

2010-03-06 05:01:17 by julius33

Whiplash finally done!!!
Listen here: [:Whiplash:]


2009-10-18 16:34:39 by julius33


New song

2009-09-27 07:54:53 by julius33

[:Crazy Psychomaniac:]
Check it out and maybe leave a comment ^^

Finally a new song!!!

2009-08-30 11:47:10 by julius33

It took me awhile but i finally got on track again :D
[:The Intro:]
Comment if you like it..


2009-08-29 15:05:42 by julius33

New song soon


2009-07-11 14:04:58 by julius33


Nou taitl

2009-04-28 14:48:21 by julius33

Just the usual.

Follow the audio tab for songs...

New song!!! ( x 2 )

2009-04-14 15:30:52 by julius33

Made another one... This one is the shortest of all of them:


It could be better but it takes awhile to get that far.


After a long blank period of rape in school i finally started a new song and finished it.
I think this is the best one i have made this far...

Impossible Dreams

Please comment and rate it...


2009-03-26 13:19:01 by julius33

Finally i decided to put a stop to just listening music - I have decided to make my own...
I have already made 4 songs but still i need practice to become better...
(EDIT: Now i have 5 songs :D )
Anyway please listen to them= that means you rate and comment them ^^
Ok this is all i have to say for now...